I am a
Creative Director
working in
emergent technology
across experiential
digital products,
campaigns, retail, and web3.

Andy is a creative director, technologist, and designer with +15 years of agency side and in-house experience.

Fueled by cutting-edge technology, Andy shapes the future through impactful global ventures in product design, startups, events, and multi-channel campaigns. Guiding teams with a diverse skill set spanning UI/UX, 2D/3D design, AI tools, animation, film, and audio, he transforms creativity into innovation.

Years Experience


— Creative Direction
— Strategy
— Art Direction
— Advertising Campaigns
— Pitch Decks
— XR (AR, MR, VR)
— Prototyping
— Human-Centered Design
— Animation
— Sound Design
— Project Management
— Mentorship

— Figma, Sketch, XD
— Cinema 4D + Redshift
— Photoshop
— After Effects
— Illustrator
— Sketchup, Rhino
— Unity, Unreal
— 8th Wall
— Ableton
— MidJourney, Dall-E, ChatGPT
— Webflow + HTML, CSS
— WordPress Themes

UI/UX x Creative Direction x Campaign x Art Direction x Sound x Experiential