Aston Martin HQ Launch

3D AnimationExperientialSound Design
Aston Martin kicked off a new chapter in its 110-year legacy with a grand entrance in the heart of New York City. A pulsating blend of heritage, performance, and ultra-luxury, the event embodied the brand's distinguished persona and passionate intensity.

Sonic Runway

This sensory marvel gave guests the thrilling sensation of being behind the wheel of an Aston Martin in full flight. LED floors, light rings and spatial audio synched to create a powerfully immersive experience.

Fully immersive Spatial Audio experience with synchronized lights and visuals.

NYC Headquarters Launch Party

The crowning moment arrived with a flourish as Aston Martin's CEO, unveiled the latest marvel of engineering - the DB12, heralding a new era of supremacy in luxury performance.
Pre-Production - 3D Renders


Agency: Invisible North
Creative Director, Art: Andy Navilli
Creative Director, Copy: Gregory Weber
Project Management: Abbie Moore
Technical Director: Jasper Kuo
Senior Producer: Amanda Murray
Content Animation: Andy Navilli
Sound Design: Andy Navilli
Senior Designer: Christian Montoro
3D Designer: Monica Feng