Star Trek Continuum

Paramount went boldly into web3 with Star Trek Continuum. A digital collectibles game featuring over 10k unique NFT starships, with future plans for captains, background lore, locations, and more. Each starship was algorithmically generated using variable parts crafted in Houdini.
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Product Trailer - VO of William Shatner

Boldly go into web3.

Players bought a Captains Pack, that opened to reveal one of 6 different classic starship classes based in the Star Trek universe. After collecting a starship, players could build a crew and go on missions.

Multi-Channel Campaign

“Calling all Captains”, became the call to action for this experience across a multi-channel campaign. Our campaign focused on Web3 consumers on Twitter, Discord and through influencers and direct Email communications.

Enter the Holodeck

Star Trek Continuum came to life with a fully immersive experience at Mission Chicago 2022. Attendees stepped inside the holodeck to be surrounded by Star Trek content and holograms of the 6 unique Starship Classes.
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Web3 Gaming Marketplace

This internet experience quickly became the industry standard in bringing established IP into Web3. Setting up a wallet, purchasing collectibles, and then trading within the gamified marketplace was fun and effortless.


Platform: Recur
Head of Product: Chris Heatherly
Senior Producer: E Petrakus
Senior Creative Director, Art: Casey Hupke
Creative Director, Marketing: Andy Navilli
UI Designer: Grant Adams
3D Senior Art Director: Geoff Burns
VP of Marketing: Iris Yen
Marketing Director: Nate Shamban
Agency Partner: Huge Inc
Agency Partner: A_DA